The challenge of Tomorrow

Winner Announced.

The challenge of Tomorrow run March 15 – May 30, 2020, mixing TMRW and the Big ArchViz challenges together this time around.

Image by Duy Phan

Congratulations to Duy Phan, the challenge winner, and to the 1st Runner Up, Mohamed Mahfouz.

The first part of Duy Phan’s MAKING OF is live here on the challenge site! 

The Sponsors

The list of sponsors is growing, but we can already share and thank these amazing partners for creating the tools we do magic with!

Each one will be providing the winners with great prizes. Stay tuned for more…

We’re very proud to have both Autodesk and Enscape as the main sponsors of “The challenge of Tomorrow”, providing the winners with great prizes!

Autodesk, Enscape and each one of our sponsors listed below will be providing the winners with great prizes. Stay tuned for more…

About Tomorrow

Welcome to Tomorrow! This time I’m blending the 4th TMRW with the 8th Architectural Visualization Challenge on the blog!

The field of architectural visualization is a striking blend between the pursuit of photorealism and the desire to tell a story that will move the viewer, creating something artistic, inspiring, and entirely new.

TMRW has recently opened a new office in NYC, and this is our trigger for the Challenge location context. Focusing on Manhattan, We’ve picked The Hudson Yards as it is where the latest, highest, and most interesting architecture is being built.

As always, I do this Challenge to spark innovation, raise the quality standards, and motivate our field to be better. With TMRW as a partner on this one, we’re also looking for their potential next star 3d artist.

Your Mission

The Press Kit.

Download it for information about the area.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design and visualize the architecture of tomorrow within the context of the Hudson Yards location in NYC.

You can use any software you like to create your entry for this Challenge and enter any category you want. Tomorrow offers you lots of freedom in terms of your concept. I’m not providing you with a specific model as I did in past challenges, but there is a context massing model you can use to get started. Don’t panic! There are no wrong answers to this one. Your design will showcase the architecture of tomorrow, but try to avoid the obvious far into the future Sci-Fi treatment. It is 2020, so let’s add it up 20+20=40 and show us what will Hudson Yards offers us in 2040.

At this point, I usually state that your entry will be judged according to overall accepted standards of architectural visualization. Still, this time around, you have a chance to set some new standards! We’ll be looking at your concept, story, lighting, materials, 3d modeling, technical skill, emotive qualities, and participation on the blog showcasing your progress as well as offering feedback to other challengers.

The winners will be chosen by a group of expert judges from various fields. I encourage all followers of the blog, as well as newcomers, to take part in this Challenge. Great prizes aside, and a potential placement at TMRW, this is a fantastic opportunity to explore new territory and shape the way ArchVIZ is going to be done in the near future.

“Jumpstart your imagination and create something inspiring.”

Stills Category

You’ll need to provide at least three still images, that together tell the story of your entry.

Feel free to add more but make sure to mark the main three as such. I will provide more information about how to do that towards the delivery time.

VR Category

This one is pretty open and we aim for an interactive VR experience using any tool/platform you like. Be sure to allow review on desktop too, without headsets.


Hudson Yards will include more than 18 million square feet of commercial and residential space, along with more than
100 shops, a collection of restaurants, approximately 4,000 residences, affordable housing, The Shed, 14 acres of public
open space, a 750-seat public school, the inaugural Equinox Hotel® with 212 rooms, and a first-of-its-kind microgrid and
co-gen plant. Hudson Yards was designated Manhattan’s first-ever LEED® GOLD Neighborhood Development and has
already achieved WiredScore certification. (Image and information courtesy of

Winner Interview  

Nicolo Paolino

Winner of the Tomorrow 2019 Challenge.

As you get started with your own entry for this challenge, what could be better than getting valuable insight from the previous challenge winner!

Read the Interview with Nicolo Paolino, telling about his journey before and after the Tomorrow 2019 Challenge. Studying architecture and graduated in Milano to work for a few years as an architect both in Milano and in Mexico City. Taking a Master Class at SOA and joining the Tomorrow 2019 challenge after a friend suggested it and become the winner and start working at TMRW!

“It took me a while to actually realize what had happened!” – Nicolo Paolino.

Read more…

The Jury

The winners will be chosen by leading artists from the architectural visualization field. People you know and that are an inspiration to us all. Your entry will be judged based on categories such as concept, story, lighting, materials, 3d modeling, technical skill, emotive qualities and participation on the blog showcasing your progress as well as offering feedback to fellow challengers.

Besides Andreas & Ronen, the organizers, we have four invited jury panel members!

Keely Colcleugh

Founder / CEO – Kilograph.

Keely Colcleugh is a designer with over 18 years experience in the fields of architecture, graphic design, film, visualization, and animation. She holds a professional Bachelor of Architecture degree from McGill University and a Masters Degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Keely has worked with leading architecture and design practices around the world, including Rem Koolhaus (OMA) and AMO, Bruce Mau Design, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, and Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Keely has also worked as a pre-visualization and visual effects artist for feature films such as Iron Man and Superman Returns.

In 2009, Keely founded Kilograph with a desire to combine leading edge visualization techniques with animation, interactive design, graphics and branding. In addition to professional pursuits Keely has lectured on the topic of architectural visualization at the University of Southern California, California Polytechnic Institute, the University of Kentucky, and the Instituto di Architecture di Venezia. She is a board member at the A+D museum of Los Angeles, and a member of the Jury for the Architizer A+ Awards.

Tamas Medve

Co-Founder – SORA Images.

Tamas Medve is a 3d artist and illustrator, born in 1986 in Marghita (Romania). He grew up in Hungary where he studied fine arts and architecture. After uni he went to London to work with Foster+Partners. From 2013 till 2018 he was working as a senior artist at MIR in Bergen (Norway) – one of the leading companies in the field. Currently he is working as part of a creative team called SORA.

With over 9 years of experience in the architectural visualization field, he has worked on some of the biggest projects with clients including SOM, NBBJ, KPF, F+P, Zaha Hadid, Snohetta and Gehry Partners. He has received several awards and recognition from the CG industry and many of his works have been published in magazines, reputable online publications and have been used as teaching material for up and coming 3d artists.

Mengyi Fan

Director Visualization – SHoP Architects.

Mengyi is currently the Director of Visualization at SHoP Architects and holds a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design degree from Columbia University. She has worked in multiple roles of expertise in the architectural field with a focus on the New York metropolitan area, ranging from lighting design for major infrastructural projects to creating exhibitions that utilize social media as a tool.
For the last 8 years at SHoP Architects, Mengyi has played a role in almost every project at the firm, working closely with partners and teams and using visualization and emerging technology as design tools to realize SHoP’s architectural vision.

Britton Wade Chambers

Senior Associate Principal – KPF Architects.

Britton is currently a Senior Associate Principal at KPF Architects, New York. Graduating from the University of Minnesota, he joined KPF and, since then, has managed and worked on all phases of projects throughout America, Europe, and Asia.

These projects include the world’s tallest towers, most extended spans, most varied programs, and inventive forms.

Andreas Landgren

Founder and President – Tomorrow.

Andreas Landgren has a background as an industrial designer. He also holds a bachelor´s degree in engineering and visual communication. In 2006 Andreas was one of three founders of Tomorrow. During the last decade, Andreas has used his creative energy to enable a multitude of large-scale projects around the world.

Tomorrow is a Swedish award-winning visualization studio that works with architects worldwide to create unique experiences and enable future projects. Tomorrow works with visual communication and concept development to create successful projects. Tomorrow consists of artists, architects, designers, dreamers, innovators, and thinkers with offices all around the world.

Ronen Bekerman

Co-Founder and Manager – The Craft.

With more than 18 years of professional experience as a 3d visualization artist in the Architectural Visualization Industry, Ronen is managing The Craft since 2015, creating still images, animation, and VR experiences for clients all around the world.

After serving six years in the Israeli Navy, Ronen worked for three years as a 3d design specialist at the leading Israeli firm Chyutin Architects, alongside his architecture studies at the Tel Aviv University. In 2005, Ronen founded Polytown Media and focused on the process of visualizing architecture ever since.

In 2009, Ronen founded the popular ArchVIZ Blog at and running it ever since, providing a place for the ArchVIZ community to share, learn, grow and also participate in challenges such as this one. Ronen is also a member of the SOA advisory board and a member of the Jury for the Architize A+ Awards.

Terms, rules and more!

Stay tuned for more information about more sponsors, awards, prizes, rules, terms, and how to upload your progress milestones. Start your creative process, and for any question you may have, use the form below.

Just check the FAQ first!

This is a skill-based competition
Nothing else to add to this one.
The 2020 “TOMORROW” Challenge (“Challenge”) is open to legal residents of all countries (collectively, “Territory”) who are over the age of majority in their country, province or state of residence. Employees of Sponsor, its divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries or advertising agencies associated with this Challenge, and relatives of and those living in the same household as such individuals are prohibited from entering. For the purpose of this Challenge, relatives are defined as spouse, partner, parent, legal guardian, in-law, grandparent, sibling, children, and grandchildren. Void where prohibited by law.

The Challenge is organized by Ronen Bekerman on via Polytown Media LTD (“Organiser”), Hapelech 7, WeWork Building, Tel Aviv-Yafo 6816727, Israel.


The Competition is sponsored by all the partners listed in the dedicated partners section. Visit their respective websites for contact information.

Agreement to Official Rules

By participating in this Challenge, entrants agree to these Official Rules, which are a contract, so read them carefully before entering. To the extent permitted by law, this contract includes a limitation of your rights and remedies. Organizer and Sponsor reserve the right to make reasonable amendments to these Official Rules at any time, to qualify and verify all submissions, and to reject any submissions that do not meet the requirements for participation as established by Sponsor. All decisions made by Organizer and Sponsors concerning this Competition shall be final and binding on all entrants, in all respects. Each winner will be required to participate in the prize fulfillment process and sign documentation, such as a release, within the timeframe specified by the Organiser and Sponsor, as more fully detailed below. All entrants agree by entering to allow the sponsors to use their submmited images for marketing purposes with proper credits provided.

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Provide your full name and email and start inviting more artists to the Challenge. The one inviting the most active pariticpants will win a special prize.
Create your Passport

If you didn’t yet, this is the time to do so and create your blog Passport.

Post progress milestones

The more the better. Participation is a factor when we pick the winner in the end. Aim to have at least one update per workflow stage. The TMRW2020 challenge uploader will open on March 18th. Spend the first few days for thinking about your concept. 

Submit your final entry

Stills Category

You’ll need to provide at least three still images, that together tell the story of your entry.

Feel free to add more but make sure to mark the main three as such. I will provide more information about how to do that towards the delivery time.


This one is pretty open and we aim for an interactive VR experience using any tool/platform you like. Be sure to allow review on desktop too, without headsets.

You must clearly mark your final entry upload as such. You will see an option for it in the uploader.


You’ll use the same upload form, but be sure to pick “Final Entry” in the Milestone Stage field.

I’ll refer to STILL IMAGE upload and indicate any difference for VR.

Upload the 3 FINAL images the same way you uploaded milestones up to this point.

Image size 2500px on the long side.

Pick your HERO image (Image No. 1) as the “Project Featured Image” and upload the other TWO images in the “Additional Project Images” field. We need these so it shows on the challenge showcase.

For the Jury selection process please upload a PDF like so.

  • page 1-3 : Final images. 1 image per page.
  • page 4 : Show your references: mood, light, composition, props, etc.
  • page 5 : Show your work in progress, sketches, palette, work in progress.
  • page 6 : Tell the story of your project in words. You already did a lot on TALK, so this should be easy :wink:


Pick 3 snapshots from the VR Experience to upload as the 3 images.

Provide a link to the VR Experience inside your PDF in page 6.


If something is not clear – please ask on TALK or use the Contact Form below.

Offer feedback to fellow challengers

This is a very important aspect of the challenge. Helping others before getting help for yourself. I suggest that before any milestone update you make for your own entry, offer feedback for someone else. That would be the minimal expected engagement level. Do aim for more!

Single artist personal entry

The work you submit to this Challenge must be your own personal works for the most part. Use of pre-made assets allowed, but keep the main work yours. Single submission per artist only. No team category this time.

Winners are required to write a MAKING OF
If you win, you will be required to write an in-depth making of article showcasing your amazing work. Making sure you post milestone updates on regular basis will help you with that come winning day!
No explicit content
Any imaging deemed to contain content that depicts explicit acts that are overtly violent, sexual, cruel or brutal will be subject to disqualification.
No plagiarism
Any image deemed to be the same or similar to one currently published will be subject to disqualification for reasons of copyright liability.
Stills Winner
Stills Runner-Up
VR Winner
VR Runner-Up
Do we have the freedom to work on any corner located inside the given model?
The entire Hudson Yards area as indicated on a map (google for reference) is your playground. I would say you can expand this if you like – but keep the main subject in that area.
Are we supposed to replace the architecture already existing in the Hudson yards area ?
You can replace, build a new one or expand on one. Be as creative as you like. Think 20 years ahead and suggest how things can be in that location.
Can I publish the content about the working process of my entry on social media during the competition?

yes! please be sure to point back to the challenge with this URL –

Is it okay to work with photo backplates of the site, and then combine 3D and 2D painting on top?

Yep! That is ok, just be sure your main subject is 3d 😉

Can I edit a milestone post after creating it?
You can keep posting to it via the comment system – TALK. There is a link at the bottom of your milestone post. You’ll have to create an account if this is your first time posting there. You can add text, images and reply to comments by others.
Thank you for visiting this page!